I’m in LOVE with this Cordless Portable Blender

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I want to be in the best shape ever next year, when I turn 50.

To support our fitness goals, my sister Leslie (who is nine years younger) and I are working out together. We’re committed to 645, a 6 day a week, 45 minute a day training program from BODi trainer, Amoila Caesar.

At six weeks in, with Leslie as my accountability partner, I have not missed a session. Even when Finn and I are #milesaway, I’m up at 5:55 am to FaceTime my sister for our workout.

Though I am getting stronger . . . I no longer struggle to carry my inflatable kayak down to the lake when camping . . . and I’m already seeing changes in my body, I know getting shape and staying fit isn’t just about exercise or adventures. Ya gotta eat right too!

Ever since I read The Abs Diet, their Banana Berry Blast Smoothie has been a favorite nutritious meal to have on the last day of camping — while packing up the Airstream. So, when I started buying ‘must have’ gadgets and gear for the galley in my first Airstream, I knew I wanted a compact blender to make my protein smoothies while on the road. Oh, and I also wanted it to be cordless, so I could conserve Millie’s batteries.

I found this Hamilton Beach Cordless Portable Blender and I’m in love. At only 14 in. high and 4 in. around, it maximizes space in my Airstream Caravel 20FB’s galley. The blender is cordless and rechargeable; I charge it when connected to shore power and because you don’t have to plug it in, I never worry about battery power when making my smoothies.

It’s huge, wide mouth container (16 oz.) makes it easy to load up fresh fruit (I use banana, strawberries and blueberries) and the powerful motor and stainless steel blade combo blends my Vega Vanilla Protein Powder to a smooth consistency. When my smoothie is ready, I screw on the leakproof travel lid, rinse off and store the base and I’m ready for our next adventure.


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